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Attorney Gribouski Successful at OUI Trial in Worcester District Court

June 22, 2016, Central District Court of Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts

Attorney James J. Gribouski‘s client, a fifty-one year old Uxbridge, Massachusetts man, was stopped by an Uxbridge Police Officer for speeding on Route 16. After producing his license and registration the client was offered field sobriety tests. The client was able to walk a straight line, heel to toe backwards without any difficulty.

Despite the performance on the field sobriety test, he was placed under arrest for OUI/DWI. Attorney Gribouski obtained the police report and booking video and after reviewing them recommended that his client waive a jury and proceed to trial before a judge. At trial, the judge ruled that even if you believed everything the police said was true there was still not evidence to find the client guilty. He then entered a finding of not guilty and ordered the RMV to return Attorney Gribouski’s client’s license.


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