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Massachusetts has some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the country. After “Melanie’s Law” was passed in 2005, a conviction for driving a car under the influence of drugs or alcohol carries much harsher penalties, especially for repeat offenders
A seasoned attorney can deliver a strong defense when you're facing imprisonment, stiff fines, and the potential loss of driving privileges.

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OUI (DUI) Defense in Massachusetts

If you've been arrested for operating under the influence (OUI) in Massachusetts, you need an attorney who understands all of the intricacies of Massachusetts state law. A seasoned attorney can deliver a strong defense when you're facing imprisonment, stiff fines, and the potential loss of driving privileges.

Glickman, Sugarman, Kneeland & Gribouski defends people facing OUI charges all over the state of Massachusetts. We understand how the process works after you are arrested for driving under the influence and our knowledge of the system means that we can anticipate potential issues before they can become problems that could undercut potential defenses in your case.

Skilled Defense Attorneys Know How to Challenge the Evidence Used in OUI Cases

The state is inevitably going to bring its considerable resources to bear in trying to gather the evidence it needs to prove its case against you. A skilled attorney will know how to challenge the prosecution’s evidence, ensuring that the government is not able to use evidence that was gathered in violation of your constitutional and statutory rights.

Our attorneys’ years of experience with the Massachusetts court system means we're thoroughly prepared to defend your rights. We know how to identify the legal problems and violations of your rights that occur during police stops that lead to OUI charges and understand how to press those issues when a case reaches the court system. We are also experienced in the courtroom and understand how to effectively question police officers who offer testimony regarding their observations of the “tests” you may have been subjected to either at the side of the road or back at the police station.

Defending Your Good Name in Massachusetts Courts

We know that many people who have no prior arrest history or contact with law enforcement are often charged with OUI. Our experienced team will work on your behalf to guide you through the unfamiliar terrain of the criminal justice system to reach the best possible outcome for your particular case so that you never have to face the collateral issues that arise if you’re found guilty of driving under the influence. 

Glickman, Sugarman, Kneeland & Gribouski Defends Against OUI Charges

The attorneys at Glickman, Sugarman, Kneeland & Gribouski has handled hundreds of criminal cases in Massachusetts over the past decades, including dozens in which our clients have successfully avoided the serious consequences that come with a conviction for OUI. We have skilled and dedicated attorneys available for a free consultation. Please call 508-756-6206 or send us a note through our contact form* to visit our Worcester office and meet with an attorney about your case.

Work With Top-Rated Litigators

Our firm has been defending Worcester's accused since 1960, but we don't just rest on our laurels. Every day, we fight for a just result for our clients and continue to provide Massachusetts defendants with the highest-rated legal representation.

Our results speak for themselves: we're nationally recognized by our peers with the highest ratings given in the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings. This recognition, which is the result of feedback we have received from attorneys who are familiar with our work in the courts, is a reflection of the excellent work that our attorneys have done over the years.  

When you hire Glickman, Sugarman, Kneeland & Gribouski, you'll be working with some of the top litigators in the state. Let us put our years of experience to work, fighting for your fundamental rights in the Massachusetts court system. 
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