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When it comes to putting together your defense in a criminal case, the law firm you choose can have a serious impact on the rest of your life. Choosing an inexperienced lawyer or an attorney who has not developed a strong courtroom presence, could mean obstacles, potential defenses that are missed, and even a less-than-optimal outcome for you and your family.

Glickman, Sugarman, Kneeland & Gribouski has the experience, the knowledge, the skill, and the talent to ensure that your interests are protected when you face criminal charges. We'll be right there with you, working for the best possible solution so you can get your life back. 
The law firm you choose can have a serious impact on the rest of your life.

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A Proven Track Record in Massachusetts Courts 

The criminal defense attorneys at Glickman, Sugarman, Kneeland & Gribouski have been successfully defending individuals accused of crimes for more than three decades. We've fought for a just outcome in criminal cases ranging from minor theft crimes to homicide with impressive results. Our track record in criminal cases both complex and seemingly straightforward is why we're so highly respected in the region by our peers and by past clients who've come to us for help. 

Work With Attorneys Who Know How to Handle Felony Charges

When you're facing a felony charge, you need a skilled and experienced legal team defending you. Our legal team has more than 30 years of experience in defending homicide, burglary, and sex crimes.

Our clients charged with serious crimes can proceed with the knowledge that GSK&G attorneys are seasoned trial attorneys who have a strong presence in the courtroom that they use to challenge questionable evidence and witnesses. In addition, our ability to access significant resources outside the courtroom allows us to unearth key evidence that can be is crucial in felony charges.

We Work for the Best Possible Outcome for Every Client and for Every Case 

We don't just handle high-profile felony cases. If you are facing misdemeanor charges, we'll make sure your case is treated with the seriousness that it deserves. That’s because we understand that even a relatively minor charge can have serious repercussions for your life and your future. We will fight to help you avoid the negative collateral consequences that come with a misdemeanor conviction.

Skillful Representation in OUI and Drug Cases

Defending OUI and drug charges presents a unique set of challenges. If you’re facing charges of OUI or drug possession or distribution, you need an attorney who understands the technical complexities that come with those types of cases. We will use our knowledge and experience to build a defense that is designed to achieve the best possible result for you. Our lawyers are at home in the courtroom and regularly take these cases to trial and emerge with not guilty verdicts or dismissals.

Work With Top-Rated Litigators

Our firm has been defending Worcester's accused since 1960, but we don't just rest on our laurels. Every day, we fight for a just result for our clients and continue to provide Massachusetts defendants with the highest-rated legal representation.

Our results speak for themselves: we're nationally recognized by our peers with the highest ratings given in the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings. This recognition, which is the result of feedback we have received from attorneys who are familiar with our work in the courts, is a reflection of the excellent work that our attorneys have done over the years.  

When you hire Glickman, Sugarman, Kneeland & Gribouski, you'll be working with some of the top litigators in the state. Let us put our years of experience to work, fighting for your fundamental rights in the Massachusetts court system. 
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