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Jim, I can’t thank you enough for how you handled my case. You are a consummate professional. Any person who alleviates the suffering of a fellow human being is on the right path to doing important work.


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By Darren Griffis 01 Nov, 2017

November 1, 2017, East Brookfield District Court, East Brookfield, Massachusetts

Attorney James J. Gribouski’s client, a twenty-two year old Webster, Massachusetts woman was stopped by a Dudley, Massachusetts police officer for allegedly crossing the middle lines on the roadway. After the client performed standardized field sobriety tests, including the walk and turn and one-legged stand, the officer arrested her for OUI.

Attorney Gribouski obtained the police reports and booking video, and after reviewing that evidence, recommended that his client proceed to trial. At trial, Attorney Gribouski cross-examined the police officer on his observations of the client and presented a copy of the booking video in his client’s defense. After the judge heard the cross-examination of the officer and watched the booking video, Attorney Gribouski's client was acquitted of the OUI charge.

By Darren Griffis 31 Oct, 2017

October 27, 2017, Central District Court of Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts

Attorney James J. Gribouski’s client, a twenty-seven year old native of Revere, Massachusetts, was happily cruising down Route 146 at 94 miles per hour in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, smoking a bowl of marijuana when a Massachusetts State Trooper pulled him over. After the client admitted that he had just smoked the marijuana, the Trooper requested that he perform field sobriety tests and then charged the client with OUI marijuana.

During the pendency of the case, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued an important decision in  Commonwealth v. Gerhardt .  In that case, the SJC ruled that police can no longer offer an opinion as to whether a person was impaired by marijuana based on field sobriety tests (which are now to be referred to as "roadside assessments). Based on that recent ruling and his evaluation of the facts in the trooper's report, Attorney Gribouski recommended that his client proceed to trial, and the client was quickly acquitted.

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By Terrence Rubino 17 Feb, 2016
Attorney David J. Kneeland‘s client, a fifty-two year old woman from Whitinsville, Massachusetts, was seriously injured when her vehicle was struck by a commercial vehicle that crossed the center line into her path of travel in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. Her injuries included a fractured right leg which required surgery. The case went to mediation and was […]
By Terrence Rubino 12 Jan, 2016
Attorney David J. Kneeland‘s client was a passenger in a vehicle which was traveling on Route 290 in Auburn, Massachusetts, when his vehicle was struck from behind. He suffered a severe knee injury requiring surgery. His claim was settled for $90,000.
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