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Massachusetts Lawyers Defend Against OUI Charges

Worcester law firm aids people accused of driving while drunk

A drunk driving conviction can shatter your life in an instant. Depending on the circumstances, you could face prison time, fines or the loss of driving privileges. The attorneys at Glickman, Sugarman, Kneeland & Gribouski deliver a strong defense for motorists accused of operating under the influence (OUI). We know how the law enforcement process should work in these cases but often doesn’t — we can identify the problems that frequently occur during vehicle stops, interrogation and testing. Effectively gathering and challenging evidence can make the difference at trial, so if you have been charged with OUI, we can quickly assemble the information required to thoroughly defend your rights.

Knowledgeable advice on police stops and BAC tests

Just by driving on a Massachusetts road, you implicitly consent to undergoing a blood alcohol test should you be arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Our attorneys can review your situation and advise on legal issues such as:

  • Probable cause — To justify a stop, a police officer must be able to demonstrate circumstances exist that create a reasonable suspicion you were driving drunk. However, random checkpoints are permitted when certain guidelines are followed. If you have been arrested on an OUI charge, we will investigate whether proper procedures were followed.
  • Refusal to take the test — If you refuse to take a breathalyzer or other type of test that measures your blood alcohol content (BAC), your driving privileges will be suspended no matter how your criminal case turns out. A first refusal carries a 180-day license suspension, with suspension time increasing sharply for those with multiple violations.
  • Test guidelines and problems — State law declares that a driver over 21 is legally intoxicated if his BAC is .08 percent or greater as determined by a breathalyzer or blood test. The standard is stricter for younger motorists, who can be charged at a BAC level as low as .02 percent. Various factors can lead to misleading or incorrect results, including something that was recently ingested, errors in testing or in reading test results, and corruption of the sample due to negligent or intentional mishandling.

If you are accused of violating the OUI law, we will strive toward the best possible outcome and can argue for alternatives to jail time such as treatment programs and ignition interlock devices.

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