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No divorce is pleasant, but with the right legal counsel, you can end your marriage in a way that preserves your legal rights and allows you to make a strong new start. Glickman, Sugarman, Kneeland & Gribouski attorneys have the experience and ability to help you reach a positive resolution whether your breakup is bitter or amicable. We can advise you on the advantages of the options you have to dissolve your marriage. From your first meeting with us at our Worcester office, we will develop a thorough understanding of your priorities and develop a plan for the best way to achieve your goals.

Knowledgeable counselors answer all of your divorce questions

Ending a marriage often leads to uncertainty. Our attorneys make an extra effort to communicate frequently with divorcing spouses and answer the important questions they have on Massachusetts divorce law relating to issues such as:

  • Grounds — The state permits dissolution on one of several fault grounds or no-fault divorce based on the union’s irretrievable breakdown. We can advise which type of divorce might work better for you.
  • Property division — If the parties cannot agree on a division of assets and debts, courts allocate marital property based on the principle of equitable distribution. This means that the judge attempts to find a resolution that is fair, though it is not necessarily an even split.
  • Child custody — Unless there is a risk to the child, courts attempt to make custody determinations that promote strong relationships with both parents. When one parent is awarded physical custody, a detailed time-sharing agreement is required to set the terms for visits with the noncustodial parent.
  • Alimony — When Massachusetts courts award alimony, the amount is now usually based on a formula that relies on the duration of the marriage and each spouse’s income. However, judges have the discretion to make changes based on the age and health of each party as well as economic factors such as investments and insurance.
  • Child support — Each parent has a legal duty to support their child financially. The payment amount for a noncustodial parent is set by a formula that takes into account each parent’s income, childcare and health insurance costs. Massachusetts can also apply imputed income if a paying parent is intentionally earning less than they are capable of.

We understand that your divorce is much more than a legal matter. You can trust us to handle each necessary legal detail with the utmost professionalism and compassion.

Dedicated counselors assisting with divorce mediation 

In many instances, spouses do not require a court to set the terms of their divorce. Through effective negotiation or the assistance of a neutral third-party mediator, mutual agreement can often be reached. This saves a great deal of time and money; it also reduces the stress of an already difficult time. We provide the same strong advocacy in mediation that we would at trial, but in an informal setting that is more conducive to cooperation. Even if you have serious differences with your partner, we can explain how avoiding litigation might benefit everyone involved.

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