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Motion to Suppress Allowed Against Attorney Gribouski’s Client – Case Dismissed

January 20, 2017,  Milford District Court, Milford, Massachusetts

Attorney James J. Gribouski’s client, a forty-eight year old Northbridge, Massachusetts man was stopped by a Hopedale, Massachusetts, police officer for having his headlights on high beams while following another car.  The officer then allegedly observed symptoms of intoxication on the client and subsequently placed him under arrest for OUI/DUI.

Attorney Gribouski recognized that the law only requires the dimming of one’s headlights when approaching an oncoming vehicle but is silent on the issue of following a vehicle with one’s high beams on.  As a result, he filed a motion to suppress alleging an illegal stop, search and seizure.  The judge allowed the motion and dismissed the case.  He also ordered the RMV to reinstate his client’s license to operate which had been suspended for failure to take a breath test.