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Attorney Gribouski’s Client Found Not Guilty of OUI at Trial

November 30, 2016, Central District Court of Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts

 Attorney James J. Gribouski’s client, a twenty-eight year old Hopkinton, Massachusetts man was stopped by an officer of the Northbridge Police Department after a citizen reported that the client had been operating erratically.  After stopping the client, the officer requested that the client perform field sobriety tests.  The client then did so but not to the officer’s satisfaction.  He was then placed under arrest.

 Attorney Gribouski recommended that his client proceed to trial.  At trial, Attorney Gribouski was able to effectively cross-examine both the citizen and the police officer to demonstrate the weaknesses of the Commonwealth’s case.  He was able to rest his case without calling any witnesses and his client was found not guilty.