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Attorney Gribouski’s Client Found Not Guilty at Trial of OUI/DWI

November 16, 2016, Central District Court of Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts

Attorney James J. Gribouski’s client, a forty-year-old Northbridge, Massachusetts man was stopped by an Upton police officer after crossing the double solid lines.  After the stop, the client performed field sobriety tests and was then arrested for OUI/DWI.

Attorney Gribouski obtained the police report, the cruiser video and the booking video.  Based upon his review of these materials he recommended that his client proceed to trial.  At trial, Attorney Gribouski cross-examined the arresting officer and was able to get him to admit that he had decided to arrest his client after two field sobriety tests despite the fact that the client passed the last two.  The judge quickly found his client not guilty.