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Attorney Gribouski Successful in Suppressing Evidence in Case

April 21, 2016, Central District Court of Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts

Attorney James J. Gribouski‘s client, a forty-three year old Worcester, Massachusetts man, was arrested by an officer of the Worcester Police Department for trespass and possession of crack cocaine. Attorney Gribouski investigated the facts of the case and determined that his client had been seized and searched illegally.

Attorney Gribouski filed a motion to suppress alleging that the police stopped his client for no reason after he was seen entering a building that was posted with no trespassing signs. At the motion hearing, Attorney Gribouski was able to establish that the officer did not know if the client was lawfully visiting a tenant. He also established that he had not seen the client committing any crime when he reached into the client’s pocket and retrieved crack cocaine. The judge agreed that the seizure and search were illegal and suppressed the evidence resulting in a dismissal of the charges.

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