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Attorney James J. Gribouski’s Client Found Not Guilty at Trial

February 3, 2016 – East Brookfield District Court, East Brookfield, MA

Attorney James J. Gribouski‘s client, a forty-four year old Sturbridge, Massachusetts man came out of a local restaurant and entered his motor vehicle. A police officer watched him allegedly stagger across the parking lot and get into his motor vehicle. The officer waited until the client started his motor vehicle and moved it a couple of inches. He then told him to turn off the car and requested the client to perform field sobriety tests. After being arrested the client elected to take a breath test and registered twice the legal limit.

Attorney Gribouski obtained the videotape of his client’s booking and upon review he discovered that the breath test was not administered properly. He thus filed a motion to exclude the breath test results which the judge allowed. Without the evidence of the breath test results, the Commonwealth’s case was substantially weakened and Attorney Gribouski’s client was found not guilty.

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