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Attorney James J. Gribouski Successful at OUI/DWI Jury Trial

January 10, 2016 – East Brookfield District Court, East Brookfield, Massachusetts

Attorney James J. Gribouski‘s client, a fifty-eight year old Barre, Massachusetts woman, was traveling home from dinner in Worcester when a citizen observed the client to be driving erratically and called 911. As a result of the citizen’s call, Attorney Gribouski’s client was stopped by Barre Police Officers.

After smelling alcohol and conducting field sobriety tests, the officer arrested the client and charged her with OUI/DWI. Attorney Gribouski obtained the police report and the booking video. Upon reading the police report, he discovered that the officer had requested that his client perform the heel to toe test and the one-legged stand test. He is aware that the performance on these tests may be affected by medical conditions of the feet and legs. He then obtained medical records of his client that indicated that she suffered from feet injuries that affected her gait and balance.

At trial, the jury found his client not guilty in less than thirty minutes.

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