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Attorney James J. Gribouski Successful in Motion to Suppress Evidence

December 15, 2015 – Westborough District Court, Westborough, Massachusetts

Attorney James J. Gribouski‘s client, an eighteen year old Shrewsbury, Massachusetts man, was sitting in his motor vehicle when two Shrewsbury Police Officers approached his motor vehicle and ordered his passenger, who had been smoking a marijuana cigarette, from the vehicle. The police then ordered Attorney Gribouski’s client to exit the vehicle as well. The police then searched the vehicle and found drugs including marijuana.

Attorney Gribouski filed a motion to suppress alleging that the exit orders and search of his client and his client’s vehicle was conducted without probable cause or specific and articulable facts and thus the search was illegal. The judge agreed and allowed the motion to suppress which means that none of the evidence can be used against the client at trial.

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