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Attorney Gribouski Successful in Motion to Suppress Drugs

October 2, 2015 – Worcester Superior Court, Worcester, Massachusetts

Attorney James J. Gribouski‘s client, a forty-one year old Bronx, New York man, was stopped by a Massachusetts State Trooper while driving his car on Route 290 in Auburn, Massachusetts with two friends.  After being stopped, the Trooper detained the client and his two passengers while awaiting the arrival of backup.  The Trooper ordered all three individuals to exit the car and placed Attorney Gribouski’s client in the back of his cruiser.  He then searched the motor vehicle which revealed approximately a kilo of cocaine and several oxycodone pills.  As a result of the seizure, the client was charged with trafficking in cocaine and trafficking in heroin.

During the search of the vehicle the client exited the cruiser and ran across six lanes of traffic and attempted to swim across a pond to escape.  He was quickly captured. 

Attorney Gribouski recognized that the detention of his client and his passengers was too lengthy.  He thus filed a Motion to Suppress the drugs alleging it was an illegal search and seizure.  A detention may turn into an arrest if it is too lengthy in nature.  An arrest must be supported by probable cause. 

After a hearing the Judge agreed with Attorney Gribouski and ruled that the search and seizure was illegal and thus the drugs could not be used at trial.  The charges were then dismissed.        

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